Forcadell’s Investment area provides a specialised marketing and consulting service for investors. The worldwide scope of the investment market and the complexity due to the constant incorporation of new action spaces has brought Forcadell to subdivide its professional team in two different departments according to the operating scope chosen by the investor client: national investment or international investment.

Marketing of investable assets:

  • Residential, offices and industrial-logistic
  • Commercial and recreational
  • Hospitality and elderly
  • Lands

Analysis of real estate portfolios:

  • Analysis of markets and trends
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Definition of investment/disinvestment strategies

Feasibility studies and financial analysis o projects

Rehabilitation of buildings for the profit and marketing

Development of partial plans

Urban transformation

Asset acquisition consulting:

  • Search and localisation of investment opportunities
  • Investment feasibility analysis
  • Financial analysis and search for capital
  • Due Diligence
  • Representation in the negotiation process and closure
  • Specialised legal assistance

Advise to owners:

  • Assets valuation
  • Customised marketing plan
  • Presentation to investors
  • Representation in the negotiation process and closure
  • Specialised legal assistance


  • Analysis of the supply and the demand
  • Sector’s perspectives and trends
  • Study of prices, incomes and profitability
Gustavo de Lio
Head of the Investment Department
Tel.934 965 401
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